It’s time. Let’s journey together toward the life your soul is longing for.
I’m here to guide you toward your freedom and to activate the deep wisdom and courage within you.
I’m a stand for your personal transformation and spiritual growth.
 Let's amplify the whispers of your soul and beckon you to a deeper, more enriching path.
It's time.



that fear, insecurities and limiting beliefs are holding you back from experiencing the life you truly desire?


 in a job or relationship that doesn’t serve your soul’s purpose? And, yet, are you unsure how to move forward?


 to embody the fully liberated, courageous, confident and divine woman you were born to be?


of your soul, and feel the butterflies in your stomach asking you to step into the life you were meant to live?


I hear you. The path to freedom can be uncomfortable. Growth can be painful. Darkness can be scary. But what awaits you on the other side is a life experience that is so beautiful and fulfilling that your soul will forever be grateful. Are you a hell YES to stepping onto your path to Freedom?

This is my signature program, bringing forth all my medicines in a sacred container for your growth. This is a transformational 1:1 mentorship for the woman who has yearned for more, but has been afraid to bet on the one person who can save her - herself.


From Fear to Freedom


La Luna Medicina is ALL that carry and offer.
It is my entire Self – as a servant of Love, Mother Earth, and the Divine.
From sound to circle medicine.
 From guide to mentor.
I offer my heart, tears, hugs and smiles.
I offer my medicines of authenticity, curiosity, openness and patience.

I offer my dreams, visions and creativity. I offer my wisdom, courage, pain and experiences.

La Luna Medicina is ME.
In service of your freedom and transformation. 

My love. My essence. My magic.











“I started my work with Luna at a place where I felt stuck and limited. At the end of the program I felt empowered and full of so much optimism for my future. Enrolling in From Fear to Freedom was a large financial commitment for me at a time where my future was uncertain, but I can say now that the lessons learned and the realizations I made over the course of the time I spent with Luna were priceless. It was truly a journey, and it was definitely one worth taking. It introduced me to shadow work, and till this day months after our sessions together the lessons I learnt about my limiting beliefs and childhood trauma still serve me on an almost daily basis. What a gift to have insight to the unfounded beliefs that are holding me back.”

- Tochi A., New York, USA

“I joined Luna’s Fear to Freedom program having goals that quickly changed when the program began to something beyond my imagination. Luna is terrific, and she helps tap into the real potential and energy that wants to manifest for the highest best self. I have grown so much to really “see” what was unseen in the program and stopped fearing things that would cloud my mind. That is an incredible feat in itself. Thank you Luna for everything you have done and beyond. I am so grateful.” 

- Amrita G., New Jersey, USA

Working with Luna in the From Fear to Freedom program has been a nourishing experience for my soul. Luna supports you with 100% authenticity and love, and creates a safe space for you to explore the fire within and how to ignite your passion to share with others. When considering programs, I was looking for a balance of spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. Carefully crafted to the individual experience, Luna masterfully guides you on a journey of self exploration, equips you with tools to cultivate a daily practice rooted in courage, and integrates you into a fostering community via moon ceremonies, sound baths and additional course offerings. Over the course of the program, I have welcomed abundance into my life with increased confidence, re-invigorated creativity, and thriving relationships. The Universe has gifted me so many opportunities since starting my journey and I am forever grateful for the guidance Luna has provided as a friend and mentor. Investing in myself was my first leap into celebrating my true self and unleashing my potential! 

- Alyse C., Maryland, USA

“Luna is an incredibly gifted healer. Experiencing her sound baths is pure nourishment on every level - mind, body, heart and soul. She so skillfully works with subtle energies and tunes into exactly the sound medicine that is needed. She weaves a tapestry of healing sound that wraps me in a blanket of divine love. Luna also creates such awelcoming and safe space for opening one's heart through dialogue and discovering one's authentic self. This work is so deep and so needed on our planet right now!!!” 

-Asheya C., Hawaii, USA 

“I feel so blessed to have been exposed to such a magical form of healing and to have met such an amazing leader in Luna. I’m still feeling the lingering effects of her sound meditation today. She helped me let go of some personal struggles and internalize the healing vibrations and positive energy. She powerfully yet effortlessly utilizes the vibratory fields from her various instruments, to create a comfortable space for transformation, meditation, harmony and peace. To experience the sacred space of sound that she creates is a life altering experience. Luna is most certainly a vessel for the universal sound, and I would highly recommend anyone to experience her sharing of this gift.” 

-Kelly., California, USA

“Trabajar con Luna ha sido un gran regalo. La conocí a través de redes sociales, y participé de algunas de sus sesiones de sonoterapia y ceremonias de luna nueva y luna llena. La energía, paz y buena vibra que ahí transmitió me motivaron a conocer más de su programa de mentoría e inmediatamente sentí que sería una experiencia poderosa de crecimiento. Luna es cálida y directa, entusiasta y realista, compasiva y flexible. El programa está preparado de manera muy profesional y ella provee de un espacio de seguridad y confianza para desarrollar cualquier tema. Este trabajo ha tenido un gran impacto en mi vida, he podido trabajar creencias limitantes instaladas hace mucho tiempo, sobrellevar la pandemia con serenidad y gratitud y ver cómo las bendiciones se multiplican. Gracias Luna."


Hello dear ones, I'm Luna.
I’m a Women’s Empowerment Mentor, Sound Healer, Spiritual Guide and Circle Keeper. I’m honored and grateful that you’re stopping by.
Through soul-led mentorship, sacred ceremonies and the creation of conscious communities, I offer my medicine, my light and my heartfelt wisdom to support your awakening soul.
I have walked – and continue to walk – my own path to freedom and conscious awakening. So, I know what’s possible for you.
I work in service of Love, Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine within you.
I help empower you to fully claim the life you were born to live.
I see the beauty, love and fulfillment that’s waiting for you on the other side.



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