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may 21st, venice beach

in person cacao ceremony & soundbath

This will be our last outdoor Cacao ceremony in LA! Please join us for an evening of cacao, sunset offerings, soundbath, sacred songs and community sharing in Venice beach.

This is an evening designed to take you on a beautiful journey towards relaxing your body, expanding your mind and opening your heart.


june 4th - vENICE

sagittarius full moon soundbath

Come relax & release with a Sagittarius Full Moon Soundbath, my very last offering in LA before I move to New Mexico!

This will be a very special night and I would love for you to join us!

Not only is it a powerful Sagittarius and Strawberry full moon but it is also my very last offering in LA before I open my own ceremony space in New Mexico next month. So please join if you feel called to receiving, relaxing, releasing, renovating and harnessing the powerful energy of this Luna llena (full moon).