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FEBRUARY 6TH, 2024 | 5pm - 8pm

JEMEZ + NOKE KOI: From the Desert to the Rainforest

Location: Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico

We're truly honored and excited to announce this collaboration between indigenous leaders from North and South America, in support of the flourishing of all people in harmony with Mother Earth.

For the first time in history, leaders from the indigenous tribes of the Noke Koi and Jemez Pueblo will be coming together to set collective intentions for addressing contemporary social and ecological challenges, share their knowledge and revive ancestral traditions.

To receive more information, click the button below. Spots are limited.


FEBRUARY 22TH, 2024 | 7pm

Noke Koi Live Music Concert, Storytelling, Rapeh & Crafts (Fundraiser)

Location: Art & Space, Los Angeles, CA

We’re excited to announce that for the first time ever in the United States, we are hosting Chief Yama Nomanawa, Paje Peno Kamanawa, Txana Ãta Nomanawa & Karine Vari from the Noke Koi Nation, for a remarkable evening in support of the Nomawana Village, in Acre, Brazil.

If you haven’t heard of the Noke Koi people before, it’s probably because they’ve been very immersed in the Forest. Unlike other more-known tribes, they are very traditional and haven’t been exposed to the Western culture as much...


27 al 31 de marzo

Retiro de Mujeres Latinas "Regreso a lo Esencial"

Ubicación: Centro de Retiros HeartPath, Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico

🌿Un renacer desde el vientre de la Madre Tierra.
🌿 Un momento de re-conexión con tu naturaleza elemental.
🌿 Una re-unión de almas que honran lo Sagrado y vibran en la misma frecuencia.
🌿 Un respiro profundo, que te llevará de regreso a tu casa interna, tu Ser verdadero.

Descubre la alquimia que se desarrolla cuando cultivamos una relación más significativa con el mundo natural, el origen del todo y el rezo con nosotras mismas.



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