I’m honored that you’re here exploring the ways in which we can journey together, and how I can walk alongside you on your path to freedom. 

From Fear to Freedom is my signature program, bringing forth all my medicines in a sacred and comprehensive container for your growth. This life-changing program includes transformative 1:1 mentorship, sound healing, community experiences and personal 1:1 ceremonies.
We work together to release your fears, self-doubt and insecurities, so you can find your inner freedom and live the life you were born to live. 


On the call, I’ll ask you to share your hopes, fears, and dreams, and I’ll listen. I’ll give you clarity about what could be holding you back, specifically. Then, if I feel 100% confident I can help you, we’ll explore what working together could look like. If we’re a great fit to partner with each other, I’ll invite you into sacred mentorship with me. You’ll connect with your intuition and soul and decide whether that’s exactly what you need. No matter what, you’ll get off the phone with more clarity than you had before we connected. 

If this sounds compelling to you, let’s jump on a complimentary Clarity Call to explore how I can be of service to you on your path. 

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✧ Do you feel that fear, insecurities and limiting beliefs are holding you back from experiencing the life you truly desire? 
✧ Do you feel trapped in a job or relationship that doesn’t serve your soul’s purpose? And, yet, are you unsure how to move forward? 
✧ Do you desire to embody the fully liberated, courageous, confident and divine woman you were born to be?
✧ Do you hear the call of your soul, and feel the butterflies in your stomach asking you to step into the life you were meant to live? 

How do you know this program

is for you?

+ You feel called to access your inner COURAGE, break through old patterns and REPROGRAM limiting beliefs and fear-based thoughts that hinder you.

 + You’re a HELL YES to yourself, to awakening the Divine Feminine within you and lead a life your soul has been yearning for. 

+ You would like to cultivate conscious & meaningful RELATIONSHIPS that align with your deep self-worth. 

+ You’re ready to RECOGNIZE, ACTIVATE, EMBODY and HARNESS your infinite and higher Feminine power. 

+ You want to deepen your connection with your INNER WISDOM in order to make decisions that are TRUE TO YOUR ESSENCE. 

+ You're OPEN to the sometimes exciting, sometimes uncomfortable, process of CHANGE. 

You’re ready for this program if: 

This work is NOT for you if: 

- You’re not ready or committed to do the transformational work. 

- You believe it’s someone else’s job to tell you what to do. 

- You’re not open to seeing a greater vision for yourself and your life.

- You see the challenges as external situations, rather than seek to understand how your inner world transforms the outer world. 

- You do not want to tap into your vulnerability and feminine essence to seek new ways of being that are in alignment and flow.
- You’re resistant to the process of change. 

The path to freedom can be uncomfortable. Growth can be painful. Darkness can be scary. But what awaits you on the other side is a life experience that is so beautiful and fulfilling that your soul will forever be grateful. 

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Are you a

to stepping onto your path to Freedom? 

hell yes!


“I was at a time where I was discovering a lot of things about myself when I started working with Luna. I met her before the pandemic, when I used to go to her powerful soundbaths in LA. I would feel so balanced and stress-free after going to her ceremonies. Once the pandemic started I went through a deep healing process and I knew I needed to invest in myself and find the right coach to move on. The universe sent me the perfect sign and I was in a discovery call with her. Immediately I knew she was the one!! We went so deep in the first session and I discovered some parts of me that needed healing that I didn’t even know about! Luna has a very powerful energy and the way she holds space for you it’s just magical. In one of the private soundbaths I did, I felt my dad’s presence so close to me and after the soundbath she shared she had felt the presence of a male energy too which was so validating for me! The community, the energy, the inner work, I wouldn’t change anything and if you have the chance to work with Luna you are not going to regret it! More than ever we need to get together and start sharing our gifts."


“I started my work with Luna at a place where I felt stuck and limited. At the end of the program I felt empowered and full of so much optimism for my future. Enrolling in From Fear to Freedom was a large financial commitment for me at a time where my future was uncertain, but I can say now that the lessons learned and the realizations I made over the course of the time I spent with Luna were priceless. It was truly a journey, and it was definitely one worth taking. It introduced me to shadow work, and till this day months after our sessions together the lessons I learnt about my limiting beliefs and childhood trauma still serve me on an almost daily basis. What a gift to have insight to the unfounded beliefs that are holding me back.” 

- Tochi A., New York, USA

“I joined Luna’s Fear to Freedom program having goals that quickly changed when the program began to something beyond my imagination. Luna is terrific, and she helps tap into the real potential and energy that wants to manifest for the highest best self. I have grown so much to really “see” what was unseen in the program and stopped fearing things that would cloud my mind. That is an incredible feat in itself. Thank you Luna for everything you have done and beyond. I am so grateful.” 

- Amrita G., New Jersey, USA

“Working with Luna in the From Fear to Freedom program has been a nourishing experience for my soul. Luna supports you with 100% authenticity and love, and creates a safe space for you to explore the fire within and how to ignite your passion to share with others. When considering programs, I was looking for a balance of spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. Carefully crafted to the individual experience, Luna masterfully guides you on a journey of self exploration, equips you with tools to cultivate a daily practice rooted in courage, and integrates you into a fostering community via moon ceremonies, sound baths and additional course offerings. Over the course of the program, I have welcomed abundance into my life with increased confidence, re-invigorated creativity, and thriving relationships. The Universe has gifted me so many opportunities since starting my journey and I am forever grateful for the guidance Luna has provided as a friend and mentor. Investing in myself was my first leap into celebrating my true self and unleashing my potential!” 

- Alyse C., Maryland, USA

“From fear to freedom is a great name for this program! I really look forward to my sessions with Luna. I can already see ways in which the program has had an impact on me. Ever since I started working with her, I've noticed I've been more aware of my feelings, my reactions, my thoughts, my patterns, and I try to actively implement the tools that I've learned with her in order to make positive changes in my life. 
She's helped me see things from a different perspective that makes sense to me and I'm so thankful for that. I'm so grateful and happy I embarked on this wonderful journey with Luna! Can't wait to see what's next!” 

- Catalina N., California, USA 

“Trabajar con Luna ha sido un gran regalo. La conocí a través de redes sociales, y participé de algunas de sus sesiones de sonoterapia y ceremonias de luna nueva y luna llena. La energía, paz y buena vibra que ahí transmitió me motivaron a conocer más de su programa de mentoría e inmediatamente sentí que sería una experiencia poderosa de crecimiento. Luna es cálida y directa, entusiasta y realista, compasiva y flexible. El programa está preparado de manera muy profesional y ella provee de un espacio de seguridad y confianza para desarrollar cualquier tema. Este trabajo ha tenido un gran impacto en mi vida, he podido trabajar creencias limitantes instaladas hace mucho tiempo, sobrellevar la pandemia con serenidad y gratitud y ver cómo las bendiciones se multiplican. Gracias Luna."


“Cuando nos conocimos Luna yo estaba pasando por un momento de dudas, preguntas y decisiones que sabía que debía tomar, por que siempre tuve esa corazonada, que había algo mejor para mi y así era: el solo tomar la decisión y pedir ayuda para sentir que no estamos solos, fue fundamental para seguir avanzando… Hoy puedo decir que he crecido un poco más, ya no me da miedo arriesgarme a tomar mis propias decisiones sea cual sea el resultado, siempre tomándolo con gratitud, amor, como una experiencia que me ayudará a seguir creciendo. Logro hacer lo que deseo en el momento que deseo, a quedarme un poco más de tiempo en el aquí y ahora, darme cuenta cuando mis pensamientos y mente me sacan del momento, aceptar que el cambio parte desde mi y no pedir que los demás cambien, cuando ellos estén preparados llegará su momento. ¡Me siento muy feliz y orgullosa de quien soy! Sigo conociéndome, tengo muchas cosas hermosas que entregar, también tengo mis momentos no tan buenos pero se pueden transformar en buenos momentos depende de uno. Luna, solo agradecer cada palabra, consejo y cada aprendizaje que son muchos momentos vividos a distancia y online. También se que la decisión de seguir con tu apoyo es una de las mejores que he tomado en esta nueva etapa de mi vida. Eres una excelente guía y mentora.”

 - Maria Teresa M., Concepción, Chile

“Gracias por tus palabras, tus consejos. Por ayudarme a darle luz a otras formas de ver la vida. Estoy eternamente agradecida de haberme topado contigo. Tu ayuda a ver relaciones tóxicas de otra manera me servirá para toda la vida. Gracias, gracias, gracias!” 

- Jimmarie R., Jalisco, México