Are you yearning to find a deeper connection to yourself and others, a sense of inner peace, relaxation, harmony and balance? 

Then, dear one, you have landed in the right place. 

All of my offerings, whether it’s one-on-one or in a group setting, is a ceremony where I provide a space for healing, honoring life, deepening a commitment to oneself and others, celebration, and for the process of becoming for you, with your loved ones, your tribe and even alongside your colleagues. 

My circle medicine – a combination of sound healing, intuitive healing therapy, chakra healing therapy and intention setting – provides profound shifts and healing on an individual and collective level by coming together for an intentional gathering. 

Whether you’re celebrating new life through baby or mother blessing circles, acknowledging the gift of your own life for your birthday, honoring the life of someone who has transitioned through a memorial, or committing yourself to a partnership, we can work together to create a unique ceremony. 

In today’s stressful world, we have moved too far from one another.

We are all, in some way, yearning to walk ourselves home to ourSELVES and to each other. When we’re disconnected, we suffer from anxiety, unresolved trauma, tension, lack of sleep, and other physical and emotional symptoms that prevent you from experiencing the peace, harmony and love that you deserve. 

For any occasion, honor it deeply through a ceremony. I will work with you to create a special healing experience for you, your loved ones and your community.

Contact me here, so that I can create a special ceremony just for you. 

Individual & Group Offerings

Available online & in-person 


Amplify your frequencies and elevate your vibration through sound waves created by special instruments in this customized healing experience.

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This shared experience will create a space where you will foster a deeper connection with your beloved and cultivate a more conscious, understanding and emphatic relationship. 

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This special event is ideal for friends or family gatherings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate team outings, anniversaries or seasonal events. Intention setting and opportunity for sharing in a sacred circle after the sound bath are included. Available for small groups (2-10 people) and large groups (11-20 people). 

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A guided meditation that will help improve the balance of your chakra centers while you receive the sounds and vibrations of crystal quartz singing bowls. 

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We can also work together to create a unique experience to commemorate a special event in your life (weddings, bridal showers, baby blessings, corporate parties, etc) 

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-Sarah (1:1 online sessions) 

“Luna is an incredible sound healer. Her calm demeanor and active listening make it feel as though you have known her for a lifetime! I participated in an individual online healing session with Luna and it was a transformative experience. We engaged in meaningful dialogue and meditated on personally identified areas that I wanted to continue to grow in. The sound bath is moving and not only allows for a deep state of relaxation, but provided me with a sense of resolution and clarity. I am so grateful to Luna for a wonderful session and I recommend her healing sessions to all!” 

-Joyce (mother & daughter in-person session) 

“Our Sound Bath with Luna was truly an incredible bonding experience my daughter and I will never forget. Living bicoastal certainly presents its challenges for a mother and daughter relationship- much different than “my mom lives around the block or cross town”. Our private practice with Luna was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend. No need for healing required - it was a loving, sensory packed 90 minute explosion. Luna is magical.” 

- Aryn & Dave (wedding ceremony) 

“Luna we’re not even sure where to start. It will probably take a few days to find the right words, very much still riding high, processing, and soaking it all in but ‘utterly grateful’ and ‘beyond our wildest dreams’ are what come to mind right now. 
Thank you for everything you did to make our celebration meaningful, memorable, and with a profound sense of purpose and intention. Your guidance and wisdom was instrumental and aligned with everything we ever hoped possible. 
The impact on our guests was palpable and nothing short of electric. We heard over and over again, our ceremony was nothing like anything anyone had ever experienced. Thank you for helping us make that possible. 
Tears of joy, happiness, and immense gratitude.” 

- Alex (couples in-person session) 

“My wife organized an in-person session with Luna at our house, which turned into an experience to remember. Luna kept us comfortable and at ease for the duration of our session, all the while performing her sound bath healing, which was so sensational I fell asleep without knowing. When we finished, I left feeling relaxed and as though a weight
I had been carrying had been lifted - I would recommend this to my family and friends alike.” 

-Sivajyoti (1:1 in-person sessions) 

“My Sound Healing with Luna was transformative and continues to resonate. In my deepest reflections on the private sound bath session, I return to the sources of internal and metaphysical wisdom where Luna's intuitive healing sounds guided me. In that space, I reconnect with the sounds of wisdom and bliss into inner peace and solace. Luna is an internationally trained Sound Healing treasure. In my session, I received the added blessing of experiencing a serendipitous astral projection. Not sure if it was because of my receptivity, or a bonus from source energy. Nonetheless, my sound healing session was magical. As someone that indulges in spiritual tune-ups periodically, I experienced Luna as an authentic, intuitive and resourceful healer that truly cares about contributing to the healing of the universe through her group and private sessions.” 

- Beth (1:1 in-person sessions) 

“How do I say “thank you” for your kindness, wisdom, guidance, support, patience, insight and overall spiritual enlightened journey you have allowed me to take with you! I have always known who I am but regrettably that person got lost with a lot of unfortunate circumstances along with my lack of self along the way. You have guided me to “see”, “hear”, “feel” and come alive again. Not only have I found myself again, but it is a new improved version. The way I interpreted things now has more meaning and clarity.

I am completely open to truly learning who I am. I am clear to think and feel the way I want without any restrictions from years of “what I should feel and do”. I am excited for the next steps and am open to truly embrace all the blessings I now feel I deserve. I am in the right place at the right time, and everything happens at the exactly right moment. So to close my divine guardian angel, thank you so much for coming into my life. You are a gifted magical human being and everyone that meets you becomes a better person!” 

-Mysty (online ceremony) 

“I randomly found Luna through a facebook ad promoting her full moon sound healing event. It's very rare that I click on ads but something about the energy around it led me
to take a chance and go. I'm so happy I listened to my inner guidance. From the moment I arrived Luna was warm, sweet, and inviting. She has this gentle way of holding impeccable space. I really felt a part of the community and supported. Thank you Luna for sharing your gifts and holding such beautiful space.” 

- Isabel (couples in-person session) 

“Our friends got us a private soundbath session with Luna for our wedding anniversary and we are so glad they did. Luna exceeded all our expectations. I had already been to a few of her soundbaths at Ceremony Meditation but the private session was 10 times better. She was able to focus on my husband and I as individuals and together. She really helped us feel connected through the wonderful experience and after. Luna came to our small apartment and set everything up within minutes. She was very professional and explained the whole session and instruments to us. She also guided us through the meditation and every step of the session. I left the session feeling grateful, connected to my husband and overall very happy and excited for more sessions to come. 
The next day, after our session, Luna sent us an email checking on us. I sent her a couple follow-up questions regarding how I was feeling and she got back to me right away with very knowledgeable answers. Luna is the best and I can’t wait to do another session with her.” 

-Liz (sesión de parejas) 

“Tuve una sesión de sound bath de parejas con Luna, y fue una maravillosa experiencia. La sesión empezó con una meditación que nos permitió sentirnos mas presente y en conexión con la energía de amor del universo. Y los sonidos nos llevaron a un estado de sanación y relajación profunda. Definitivamente una de las mejores sesiones que he tenido y se lo recomiendo a todos. Gracias Luna por tan bella sesión y tu hermosa luz.” 

-Birdie (online ceremony)

“I was honored and felt so good to join with all your energies. I was able to focus on healing my heart because we lose people daily to this pandemic. The tension at work every day plus home– it continues in my laptop and phone– is so much some days. But last night I let all that go and slept through the night. Thank you for that. Much love.”

● All sessions are approximately 90 minutes and are fully customizable based on your needs. 

● Sessions are available in English and Spanish. 

● A 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The balance is due at the time of the session. 




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