I offer my medicine in service of the Divine, Love and Mother Earth. I’m here to walk alongside you on your path to freedom and to help awaken the Divine Feminine within.

 By achieving one's freedom and connecting to our true essence, I believe we are essentially returning home within ourselves. I journey with you so that you can access the courage to fully awaken the life you were meant to live and return home to yourSelf.

 For as long as I can remember, I’ve been walking a path to inner freedom, breaking free from the places, relationships and jobs which didn’t feed my soul. 

As a native South American who has traveled the world, I like to add a touch of different cultures to my healing techniques, making each session different and unique. I hold certifications and trainings in Sound Healing, Emotional Education, Shamanic Journeys, Sex Priestess, Meditation TT, Vipassana Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Ayurveda cooking and Chakra Alignment, from healers and masters from different parts of the world including India, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Australia and South America.

 I continue to deepen my knowledge and wisdom through continued training but my greatest teacher is my own heart. 

I can shine a light on YOUR path to authenticity and freedom, and I will walk alongside you for as long as we are meant to travel together.


When you take the first step on a conscious path, you begin to recognize, understand and embrace that everything you experience and all beings that come into your life have a purpose

You begin to awaken to the conditioning that you’re born into, which often leads us down a path that isn’t aligned with your soul.

 With this awareness, you drop the unnecessary “shoulds” and “stories''. You embrace your FREEDOM, awaken to your TRUE ESSENCE and ignite the DIVINE FEMININE within you.
You discover your                      

 This is what happened on my own path to freedom.

Growing up in Chile, I felt constrained by the traditional, conservative society that I lived in. In a family that was rather unstable and fragmented, the pressures and guilt of being the oldest sister burdened me with a deep sense of responsibility toward others. I often forgot to take care of myself. While I wasn’t thriving, I was subconsciously working hard to become “the perfect” daughter, sister, girlfriend, etc.

 I was never taught about emotions, nor encouraged to share them. Unconsciously, I would often play the victim role or retreat from uncomfortable situations. When I was 23, without realizing it then, I decided to “escape” my reality and after graduating from Industrial Design in college, I moved to New Zealand.

 While I didn’t know back then that I was avoiding my discomfort, moving to New Zealand made me feel, for the first time in my life, 

life’s purpose.

free to live an authentic and heart-centered life. 

In 2011, I moved to Los Angeles, California — where I pursued a new career in marketing and advertising — and worked as a strategist in some of the most renowned advertising companies in the world. Quickly, I was inserted into “the mundane” or “the matrix”, a world full of desires met by external expectations.

I was once told that as a part of my mission, I needed to be “infected” by the mundane, to understand its inner workings, so that I could make my medicine available to it.

Deeply embedded in this world, I was stressed and anxious most of the time. I was always doing, doing, doing. I chose everything else in life before myself (sound familiar?). I worked hard to be successful in my career, creating a life I thought I loved. But did I really?

My body told me a different story, and screamed for my attention. I was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease (Graves) and severe Endometriosis in my womb, and realized I needed to heal my body, and choose myself.

I also grappled with my marriage. I wasn’t unhappy, but I wasn’t fully myself. It took me a long time to accept that we needed to separate. I looked for one excuse after another, not only trying to make it work, but also to convince myself that everything was going to be fine.

I was afraid AF. I felt extreme fear, loneliness, sadness, pain, discomfort, confusion, insecurity, guilt, remorse, and self doubt, to say the least.

My path shifted and I started my journey as a healer, mentor, teacher and entrepreneur in the meditation, wellness and healing industry.

I started to unravel my conditioning about marriage: that it was meant to last forever, that separation equates to failure, and that breaking up would screw up our hearts.

 Then, I recognized that I deserved to experience freedom and the path was through overcoming my fears. So, I left my career, and ended my relationship. I finally began to FLY, removing the shackles and weight of my own life. 

Since then, I have helped hundreds of people who are on their journey of transformation, finding their life’s purpose and desiring to live a free and heart-centered life.

 I have healed my Graves disease and am still healing from Endometriosis, which has led me to develop the most beautiful releationship with my womb and fully embrace my body and its incredible capacity to heal, feel, transform, create, and carry deep wisdom in every single one of its cells.

 I am constantly working on myself, as well as studying and learning from both my own life and the many incredible teachers that are sent to my path. I travel to India regularly to deepen my training and to offer workshops. On one of my trips, I was given the spiritual name, Rukmini Devi by the spiritual teacher and guru Baba Shyam Sundar Das. “Rukmini” was the first wife of Lord Khrisna and means “adorned with gold”. Devi means “goddess” in Sanskrit. I was formerly known as Maria Goycoolea but years ago I also received the name Luna, which represents my connection to the Moon and my role as her Guardian. So I decided to combine these and became Luna Rukmini Devi.

 Today, I am building a thriving healing practice guiding courageous women to shed limitations and call forth their inner medicine so they can live purposefully and in their own terms. I am in a heartfelt, conscious and soulful partnership, and I am living a purposeful life, that I know you can live too.

 I KNOW how hard and scary it can be to say YES to the unknown, to say YES to uncoupling, to say YES to business and entrepreneurship, to say YES to yourself and the life you were born to live, and to walk on your path to FREEDOM. But thanks to my journey, I can now affirm that it is possible and I’m here to show YOU how.